Certification - New Construction and Renovation

MedGas By Design will ensure that your medical gas pipeline system is compliant with all NFPA 99 standards. Post construction, we provide complete testing and documentation by NITC ASSE 6030 verifiers. In the event that any deficincies are found, our specialists will provide detailed recommendations for your facility. Our certifications are now paperless for your convenience, instantly documented and delivered on-site.

Annual Inspections - Testing and Re-Certification

MedGas By Design provides analysis on a regular basis for all types of medical gas systems. Our technicians evaluate all aspects of your pipeline system: source equipment, alarms, zone valves, and outlets. We advise you of any problems in your system, including deficiencies or outdated equipment. Our team will also advise you of possible upgrades to save you money and modernize your facility. A full report is provided for your records.

Installation - Low Voltage Wiring

MedGas By Design provides turn-key installation of low voltage wiring systems for all of your source equipment, master, and area alarm panels. Don't trust just any electrician to understand the complex wiring of medical gas equipment. Trust the experts at MedGas By Design to ensure that the wiring is landed correctly for the intended alerts. Wiring is an essential aspect of your system, to keep your facility on alert at all times for patient safety.

Environmental - Monitoring and Analysis

Our service ensures that your staff is safe from toxic gasses or fumes at all times in the working environment. We can evaluate employee exposure limits to hazardous chemicals at your facility. MedGas By Design can also examine air exchanges for isolation rooms and provide waste gas analysis for operating rooms.

Design Services - For All Types of Medical Gas Systems

We offer owners full facility turn-key medical gas design packages, including engineered drawings and installations.

Maintenance - BeaconMedaes

Planned Maintenance is repair work that is performed on a scheduled basis. The schedule is based on manufacturer recommendations designed to keep your equipment operating smoothly. Properly maintained equipment is more reliable, will reduce downtime and will save you money in the long run. For preventative maintenance of your medical gas system, contact: BeaconMedaes